Dragon’s Tale- Paint Dragon Scales for Bitcoin Rewards


Dragon’s Tale, the leading MMORPG Bitcoin casino platform offers a wide array of interesting casino games to its users. The virtual casino with a difference offers all its games on a 3D island and also provides its players a chance to role play.

Dragon Statue or Scales of the Dragon is one such game which offers both entertainment and huge rewards for the player. It is a skill based game which is simple to learn and offers most potentially profitable wagers for the expert player. But does require subtle strategy to master, therefore, keeping the players interested.

The game is a perfect combination of quirk and skill. The Gameplay is easy to grasp. All one has to do is simply paint dragon scales strategically in the hopes of winning big. It is a blank canvas in the beginning and with each play, the player wagers a certain amount.

“Light Touch of Paint,” is the only play available on the first, second and third turns. Light touch of paint randomly selects one of the six dragon scales and with each brush of paint, paints a scale, starting with purple.

Only after three brushes of paint does the option to use a “Moderate Brush of Paint” becomes available. This option lets player paint three of the scales of the dragon. Any combination of scales can be painted by these three brushstrokes or even the same scale all three times. The cost remains the same as using a single brushstroke.

The only difference is regarding the payouts, where the payouts on the first two brushstrokes are missed by the player and he/she only wins the final payout following the application of all three brushstrokes.

The moment a brushstroke hits a red scale, it turns black and the game ends.

Another option to apply a “Full Brush of Paint,” gets unlocked after six brushes of paint. It applies six brushstrokes to the dragon scales randomly.

“Clean the Statue,” resets the game and allows the player to begin a new game in case they want to start over with the game.

Dragon Statue is one of the many interesting games offered by Dragon’s Tale to their users.

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