Dragon’s Tale – Mine Precious Stones and Get Rewarded



Dragon’s Tale is a magnificent Bitcoin Casino-based Role Play game that offers hundreds of original and exclusive casino based games far different from what you have ever seen.

At Dragon’s Tale you embark in an adventure where you will enroll a character in a virtual world filled with wonders of Chinese aesthetics.  Throughout this magnificent virtual world you will find several skill and luck-based casino games that are pretty easy to play and offer big rewards.

One of the best paying games is the mining game, which has a lot of variants. The mining game consists in sequentially creating as many sets of Jade or Emerald Stones as you can. Each set must satisfy one of these four properties:

  • All stones have the same color and the gems all have the same shape
  • All stones have the same color and the gems all have different shapes
  • All stones have a different color and all the gems have the same shape
  • All stones have a different color and all the games have a different shape

A stone can only be used 5 times and then it is “destroyed”. As an example, let’s assume that all of the combinations use a certain stone and a stone only gets 5 uses, so it will disappear on the 5th use and you won’t be able to do the 6th combination, so players will need to plan ahead. Once 8 stones have been destroyed, you get a free play. If you destroy more than 8 stones for the free play, any excess destroyed stones are carried over to the next free play. For instance, if you already have 7 stones destroyed and you destroy 3 stones, you will get a free play and 2 stones will be added to your next free play, as you’ll start at 2 destroyed instead of 0.

The mining game is a fun game that you can find in Dragon’s Tale. To find it you will need to get near the Great wall which is located in one of the Islands that comprise this virtual

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