Dragon’s Tale – Fire the Cannon and get some Bits


Dragon’s Tale is an online Bitcoin Role Play Casino that offers players the chance of entering a virtual world filled with mini games that they won’t find elsewhere. Players will find dozens of original casino based mini games that are very addictive and which can get them some good returns.

Dragon’s Tale is not like any other online casino. It is a mix of role-playing and gambling so players will need to complete quests in order to level up their character and gaining access to other areas of the game. At Dragon’s Tale players are allowed to roam around and explore the game. Players can bet on almost anything in the game; from tree branches to grass and from sheep to pigs and even ducks.

One of the funniest games that you can find in Dragon’s Tale is the Cannon. In this game, you will need to shoot a Pirate Ship. In this game, the player needs to fire shots of flaming oil at the pirate ship. The whole objective of the game is to set the pirate ship on fire. But in this case, the player will need to do it by being precise and not using many of his shots. Once the ship is fully engulfed in flames it will sink and release its precious bitcoin cargo. However, you will need to practice your skills with this one because you will only have a limited number of shots. The Cannon, or Shoot the Pirate Ship game is a game of skill and one of the best paying games in Dragon’s Tale.

Dragon’s Tale is not just an Online Casino it is a fun place to visit where you can meet a lot of people. Come along and join Dragon’s Tale now and start exploring this magnificent casino.


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