Dragon’s Tale – Find a Needle in a Haystack and earn Up to 100 times Plus


Dragons.Tl Ensures Fair Gaming Practices

Dragons.tl is home to the most imaginative gambling site and the first Casino Role Play Game in the Bitcoin industry.  The games introduces a completely new gaming style enabling players to run around a virtual world filled with wonders a dozens of casino-based mini games.

Dragon’s Tale is also a community centered game and players will have the chance to meet new people and start new friendships. Player will be able to choose from several simple and unique casino mini games and have the chance to double and even triple your investment. Players can choose to invest 1 kSAT, to 1 BTC depending on what they are willing to risk.

One of the simplest and easiest games, you will be able to find throughout the virtual world of Dragon’s Tale is Needle in a Haystack. By playing the Needle in a Haystack users have the chance of winning up to 100 times more their initial investment.  In fact, if a player gets lucky enough in this game he can turn 1 Bitcoin into 100 Bitcoins in no time! Needle in a Haystack is probably the simplest and also the most profitable mini game that players will be able to find at Dragon’s Tale.

Haystacks can be found near the many farms where players can try their luck. To start playing the Needle on a Haystack minigame, players only needs to click on a haystack and choose to look for a specific item. They can pick a pricker, a thorn, a pin, a needle, and a nail or stick. If the player happens to find the item he has chosen he will immediately earn 100 times more than he invested.

So, if you are feeling lucky today, you better sign up for a Dragon’s Tale account, look for a Haystack and probably, you might end up finding a needle!

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