Dragon’s Tale Ensures the Best Bitcoin Gaming Experience


Trading is in the blood of many our readers. It is always about different currencies, commodities, shares and what not. Making money is always the end game. However, staring at the same screen, with graphs, analyzing trends and sifting through latest news to gain some insight into the future of certain currencies can take a toll.

Take a Break from Trading with Dragon’s Tale

What if there is something that will let you take your mind off the serious monotonous stuff without losing sight of the end game? Dragon’s Tale is just the game for you. The Bitcoin gambling game by eGenesis allows users to experience the bliss of MMORPG first hand in addition to the excitement of making more money during the process.

If taking risk is what makes stuff worthwhile for you, then don’t worry. You can be the judge of how much risk you are willing to take while placing bets on Dragon’s Tale. The platform has the right mix of skill and luck based games which makes your time on Dragon’s Tale worthwhile.

Set in China, the 3D game allows players to roam around the game environment, find mini-games where one can place bets and voila, it might be your lucky day. Dragon’s Tale is a special Bitcoin gambling platform that has made away with virtual slot machines, poker tables and roulette wheels. Instead, Dragon’s Tale offers a 3D interactive social environment where people can play a character inside the game while gambling at the same time. Even better, you can also interact with players, co-operate and win some bitcoins together.

The game is built to be light and functional, it can work on most of the computers (even with average CPU and GPU processing power). If the introduction to Dragon’s Tale caught your attention, you can download the game on dragons.tl and give it a try.

Dragon’s Tale Makes Your Time Worthwhile

Dragon’s tale has more than 60 different mini-games where players can place bitcoin bets. Apart from that, there are rewards and collectibles scattered across the game landscape which can be collected by players. According to Dragon’s Tale, there is about 100 BTC worth of rewards scattered across the game and one stands a fair chance of making the most of it (either by winning or collecting or both).

Most people who are involved in Forex are now familiar with bitcoin. Bitcoin is increasingly finding its presence on most of the forex platforms across the internet. Some of these forex platforms also provide special anonymous trading accounts for Bitcoin trading. If you have some bitcoin to spare and would like to have some fun while trying to make the most out of those bitcoins, then Dragon’s Tale is for you. You can always blow off some steam on the platform and get back to trading currencies and assets.

Disclaimer: Trading and Gambling involves risk and may not be suitable for everyone. It is advisable not to invest more than one can afford to lose.
Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored content. It is neither endorsed or owned by ForexMinute. Please do a thorough research before making any investment into Bitcoin and altcoin companies.