Dragon’s Tale – Create Your Own Tournament


Dragon’s Tale is an enticing Casino Role Play game and one of the oldest games in the bitcoin gaming industry. Dragon’s Tale offers players the chance to play in a totally interactive world where they will find hundreds of unconventional Casino games and will be able to meet and compete with other players.

The game also has a strong community and social component and the more a player contributes the more he can profit from the game. Dragon’s Tale is composed of several islands which players are allowed to visit according to their rank. In fact, as a player increases their level, new options and access to new islands will be unlocked.

Since, Dragon’s Tale stimulates players to give their own contribute to the game, advanced players and developers are allowed to contribute in several ways. Players can govern their own islands and can choose to help newcomers by becoming their mentors.

One of the simple aspects of the game is that anyone is allowed to organize and participate in events. Once a player reaches the level 10 he will be allowed to create tournaments for the other players to participate. The player has all the freedom to decide what type of tournament he will create. Players are also allowed to create free tournaments with no fees in order to promote sponsors and where any player can participate, but they can also use this feature to create their own tournaments with entry fees but by offering significant prizes. Besides making their own tournaments, players can participate and create in a whole lot of other events, such as Festivals.

Dragon’s Tale is an awesome game, not just by its originality but also by its simplicity, community engagement and environment interactivity. If you haven’t tried this game yet, you don’t know what you have been missing.

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