Dragon’s Tale Brings ‘Treefalls’, a 95% Luck Game for Bitcoin Casino Trading


Betting your Bitcoin to make more Bitcoin has never been as easy before as Dragon’s Tale launched ‘Treefalls’ a 95% luck game. Here betting just 1 btm, players can gain attractive returns as there are different trees having different pay-tables and thus make varied amounts. This is exciting and exclusively designed for players who trust their luck.

Elaborating the features, the Wiki page of the Bitcoin casino claims that every week, one species of tree starts to pay 105% for bets of 1 btm or more, while three species start to pay only 85% when players are playing ‘Treefalls’. However, the people behind the casino are quite optimistic as they also claim that the hunches are often real.

A Pure Luck Based Casino Game

Though there is nothing new in the claim that it is a pure luck game as most of the games in casinos are based on luck or chance, here in ‘Treefalls’ this feature is exclusive. Here the purse grows by 10% of the bet amount, on every bet, on a cursed tree. Interestingly, it loses 10% on every bet on a magical tree. This is regardless of whether the bet is a win or a loss.

Needless to say when a purse is drained, an announcement goes out, and the round will reset at a random time between 0 and 2x the time remaining in the current round. When a round restarts after the purse is drained, the purse is seeded with 5 btc.

Playing the ‘Treefalls’ Game

Dragon’s Tale describes the process for players well as it declares that to play ‘Treefalls’ the players should first have to identify 8 different species of trees. The process is easy; they first need to go to the ‘Department of Herbal Resources (Xinren 250 263)’ and then click the building and then click “Ask about collecting Tree Leaves.”

After clicking ‘Ask about collecting Tree Leaves’ the players need to find 8 different trees and click on them and click “Examine the Leaves.” Once they have found the trees, they need to click ‘Ask about collecting Tree Leaves” again. Here they will be able to see a betting menu when they click on a tree.

The Wiki page has a list of trees that can be found here.

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