Dragon’s Tale Brings the Chinese Tea Ceremony Ritual to Bitcoin MMORPG


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Each country has its own culture and traditions which are different in more ways than one from those of other countries. These traditions usually make an important part of their lifestyle and routine. The Tea Ceremony is one such ritual which is part of many Asian cultures. It is mainly practiced by the Chinese and the Japanese.

Tea Ceremony involves a traditional ritualistic way of preparation, presentation and consumption of the beverage. These ceremonies are associated with both cultural and spiritual activity. In China, this ritual has been practiced for centuries. The records of tea ceremonies can be dated back to as early as 8th century.

With tea ceremony being synonymous with China, it is not surprising to find tea ceremonies included in popular culture while representing China. Dragon’s Tale, a bitcoin-based massive multiplayer online role playing game has Tea Ceremony as one of the mini games inside. Dragon’s Tale is well-known for presenting online bitcoin gambling platform in a different light. Unlike regular bitcoin gambling platforms designed along the lines of casino games, Dragon’s Tale is a full-fledged role-playing game where players can do much more than just place bets and hit a button.

Dragon’s Tale is an interactive, social game that allows players to communicate with other players and place bets on various games. The tea ceremony mini-game revolves around players laying their hands on the tea set of highest value among all the unfolded players. The hands in tea ceremony are cups/tea sets with different colored liquids. While playing the tea ceremony, players will initially be able to see only the values they have. However, as they carry on with the game, they will get to know the values held by other players at their tables. Players can also choose to trade tables with other players if they find some other table more favor.

Tea Ceremony is more of a skill based game than luck based game. In order to climb through levels in the game, users have to meet certain prerequisites. Winning few skill-based mini games like tea ceremony are also part of it. In order to reach level 15, players will have to win 2 BTCs in the tea ceremony game.

Dragon’s Tale has many other mini games which draw inspiration from various Chinese games and traditions. All the games are redesigned to suit the requirements of an MMORPG game while still being able to place bets.

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