Dragon’s Tale Brings Some Exciting Games for Bitcoin Casino Players


Bitcoin has been catching the attention among the casinos as it fits the requirements like payment is done instantly and no restrictions of the national currencies. When Dragon’s Tale, a home to games like any other casinos, started accepting Bitcoin, a lot of players felt that it was the one that they have been waiting for long.

Here players won’t find a craps table, roulette wheel, or black jack dealer like in other online gaming sites; rather, they will get the opportunities to discover a persistent 3D world filled with original games designed to attract casino gamblers and MMORPG players alike. Needless to say majority of the games in Dragon’s Tale are simple as a slot machine.

On the other hand, rest other games require deep thought and skill. Several reviews from players claim that it not just brings solo games but also brings unique player versus player games so patrons can stack their wits against others. Players can scroll the mouse over a game icon to view a short description, or visit the Dragon’s Tale Wiki to get a more in depth look.

Some Popular Bitcoin Games

Pig Farm: Describing this game, the official website of Dragon’s Tale says that here the players need to feed the pigs. These pigs are typical as they like to eat donuts and candies. Interestingly, if the players feed these pigs a lot of these, they gain weight and in consequence they die and it is where the profits come.

Here the typical task for players is to feed these pigs and let them die from obesity as more the number of dead pigs, more the Bitcoin for players.

Sheep Tug: This is another interesting Bitcoin casino game where the players get to make points to win Bitcoin. There are a lot of sheep in the farm, the players have access to explosives that they can use to scare the sheep and take them to the other end of the farm. Once the task is done, the players win the digital currency.

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