Dragon’s Tale – An online Role Play Casino


Dragon’s Tale is the world’s first online Role Play Bitcoin Casino. It is the funniest Bitcoin Casino ever and one of the most exotic gambling sites in the whole Bitcoin gambling industry.

In this site, you will find a full set of original casino-based mini-games that presents a complete new variation for many of the traditional casino games such as Slots. There are dozens of fantastic original games to choose from and an enormous virtual world to explore.

At Dragon’s Tale players are allowed to choose their avatar and complete quests which will help them gather some Bitcoins. Anyone can play at Dragon’s Tale; gamblers can create an account for free and start gambling even without having to make one first deposit.

The game goes on in a virtual world with a beautiful environment strongly influenced by the Chinese culture. There are several islands in the game, however not all of them will be easily accessible. To gain access to all of the islands in the game, the player will need to level up his avatar by completing several quests. In between these quests, the player will come to know many of the wonderful casino based mini-games that Dragon’s Tale has to offer.

The game is quite simple to play as well. You just need to use your mouse to control your avatar, and to interact with the virtual environment. You will also have access to several menus, just by clicking the desired object\item or avatar with a simple right click button.

Come along and visit Dragon’s Tale and explore a casino virtual world filled with exotic luck and skill-based casino based games that you won’t find anywhere. So, what are you waiting for start playing Dragon’s Tale NOW!

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