Dragon’s Tale – A virtual world of Bitcoin Paying Mini-Games


Dragons.Tl Ensures Fair Gaming Practices

Dragon’s Tale is an original game specially designed for casino gamblers and MMORPG players. Dragon’s Tale is an innovative Casino where players can play Casino games they won’t find elsewhere.

With an enormous variety of luck, skill and player versus player games, Dragon’s Tale aims to be the only Bitcoin Casino game that offers players the chance of enjoying an excellent role play game and at the same time be able to play a lot of original mini-games that Pay. Besides a lot of mini-games, player can also find new Tournaments and other events every week. The community is very friendly

Dragon’s Tale offers players the chance of playing more than 100 games, ranging player versus friend to luck and skill games. Many of the games in Dragon’s Tale are quite simple, requiring no skills whatsoever, while others require deep concentration and tremendous skill, giving player a lot of chances of staying on profit.

One of the coolest features players can find is the Bar. The Bar is the central place where players meet and discuss new changes and implementations. This enables every player to contribute to the game and apply their own personal touch.

The Bar is also the place where player will be able to buy items from other players. And not just game items but physical items as well. Dragon’s Tale also features physical Cigars that can be shipped. Teppy plans on including more items such as chocolates to help grow the borders of Dragon’s Tale well into the Physical world.

Dragon’s Tale already counts with 3 years of activity and has grown immensely since it began. With an extensive list of Casino-based games and an active community, Dragon’s Tale is currently unique and the best paying MMRPG on the whole gambling space.