Dragon’s Tale – A virtual Casino World where you can Go on a Quest to Find Bitcoin


Dragon’s Tale is a fun Casino Multiplayer Role Play Game where the players are free to go around the environment searching and hiding Bitcoin. This Casino introduced an original concept that enables players to follow a role-playing game while allowing them to play casino-like games.

At the start of the game, new players will have to find a Mentor to help them get to level up and progress within the game. This will be an easy task since the game has a very big community that is always prepared to help. In any case, increasing the Avatar level will be an important part of the game. By levelling up their Avatars, the players will have access to more islands to visit and more places to find rare plants, new games and of course, lots of bitcoins. Once the player finds a Mentor he will be in charge help them through their initial tasks.

There are many Islands to visit and lots of fun games to try out. The players are able to roam around the islands by findings boats that will carry them to different parts of the Dragon’s Tale virtual world. Scattered around the island the players will find Big Chinese soldier statues. These statues can offer gifts or challenges to players which they must complete in order to earn some Bitcoins.

Finding rare herbs is yet another source to find some Bitcoin. For that, players need to go and search for these herbs which will be scattered around the game scenery.

Dragon’s Tale offers a big collection of mini-games. Players can freely interact with almost everything in the game scenery and the games are very fun and rather exquisite. There are all sort of high variance luck based games and lots of skill games to try out and every each of them can offer big yielding.

Dragon’s Tale is a great game. It is a game capable of making you lose a lot of your time and forget about reality. Come along and give Dragon’s Tale a try. You will be amazed by an exotic experience where you can role-play and at the same time make some bitcoins.

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