DopaMine – The 6-GPU Case Designed for Cryptocurrency Miners


DopaMine – The 6-GPU Case Designed for Cryptocurrency Miners

The single core fact about digital currency is that anybody can mine it. Furthermore, it can be mined using almost any device – be it GPU or other specific machines. The ground reality somehow is the performance at which a miner wants to mine its virtual currency. Especially cryptocurrency businesses, who would want nothing but speed and accessibility in creating these coded blocks of currency.

The answer to the fastest, and probably the less power-eating mining device comes in the form of Dopamine. Designed by a group that goes by the name Red Harbinger, this chassis is an open frame machine which is designed to integrate up to six high-end graphic cards in well conditions.


“We noticed a trend a while back in the mining scene towards strictly utilitarian ‘cases’ (I use the term loosely) and we began doing a bit of research,” says Shawn Rabensburg, Red Harbinger’s VP. “We bought a few of the different mining cases that are currently available out there to test out and see what we liked and didn’t like, and spent some time designing a case from the ground up. The result is DopaMine.”

The Dopamine can accommodate the motherboards, made with mini-ITX E-ATX format. The graphic cards in this machine are placed 38mm from each other, which should allow them to cool more easily than a conventional chassis. Though this device comes with one constraint: its GPU should be connected to the motherboard with a flexible adapter, an accessory which is not included with the case.

Though not included, three fans of 120 or 140 mm still can be installed below the GPU to eliminate unnecessary heat.

There are currently two models available – white and black. Both are priced at the rate of $249. As per the company’s offers, the first time buyers will benefit from the discount of $49. The company is also selling a fully equipped graphic cards version, available for $5000. Although, the nature of the material that will be shipped is not indicated. The orders will be delivered in the mid of August 2014.

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