DogeVault Recovers Lost Dogecoins, Announces to Reimburse Them


DogeVault Recovers Lost Dogecoins, Announces to Reimburse Them – It has been almost a month since the popular online wallet DogeVault was attacked, due to which over 280 million Dogecoins were supposedly stolen from their hot wallet. Upon the theft, the DogeVault owners promised customers to probe into the matter, and recover as much coins as they can.

It seems like the announcement is finally seeing its first light, with the latest notice published by DogeVault, saying that they have recovered a substantial amount of Dogecoins (around 120 millions). What further adds stars to this advancement is the wallet accepting customers’ claims and returning them 25% of their account balance, until more coins are recovered.


“Our helpdesk is extremely backed up with support requests at the moment, all tickets will be answered as quickly as possible. Please do not spam us with multiple messages, as it will cause further delays,” assures DogeVault in its post.

The optimistic event has once again raised hopes of the people who lost a considerable amount of Dogecoin in the aforementioned theft. DogeVault has further announced to initiate a criminal investigation with the help of national law enforcement agencies, into which the wallet service company will fully cooperate. Excerpt:

“Data recovery efforts are still on going, we are trying everything we can so that users data can be recovered and also to find the culprits responsible. Information about the attack has been reported to the relevant national law enforcement agencies, who will be launching a criminal investigation into the incident with our full cooperation.”

With an investigation going on, we can expect some more good results in the future. Stay tuned to ForexMinute Cryptocurrency News to get latest updates on this issue.

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