Dogecoin Will Switch to AuxPoW at Block 371337


Dogecoin Will Switch to AuxPoW at Block 371337 – Days after the announcement of merge mining, Dogecoin team announced today that the much-awaited AuxPoW switch will take place upon reaching the block 371337. As per predicted by the Dogecoin core developer Hans Langer, the event will take place on September 12th 2014, at around 1656 hours, more or less.

Langer has further provided some inside details on the ongoing development phase, saying that the core client currently is in very good shape, while the dogecoinj implementation has also been executed successfully. He states:

“We plan to release a Beta tomorrow-ish, and if that goes well the final client will be released around the weekend. This gives us roughly 3 weeks to bring everyone onto the new version. Watch here and the other channels for the announcements.”

Upon the implementation, the AuxPoW is hopeful to protect Dogecoin from falling hash rate and stabilize it for an extensive period. The new protocol will simply enable Dogecoin miners to accept hash rate from other proof of work cryptocurrencies. This method was originally proposed, and re-proposed, by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee which was then met with sarcastic response by Dogecoin developers.

However, the team soon recognized the depth in concerns raised by Lee and accepted to merge mine with Litecoin eventually. And now when the date of AuxPoW launch is finalized, we can expect Dogecoin price to soon detach itself from the hash rate, making its blockchain more stable and secure.

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