Dogecoin Taking Yahoo Seriously


Dogecoin Taking Yahoo Seriously – Since the listing of the Bitcoin price charts at Bloomberg, other top Cryptocurrencies have considered such recognition as a great way to amplify their reachability. Earlier, it was the Litecoin community which, upon the request of Charlie Lee, started sending their requests to Bloomberg for letting its prices be listed on their highly accessed portal. And now, we have the Shibes (or the Dogecoin community), that is leaving no stone unturned in getting DOGE/USD listed on Yahoo Finance.

Because of a plea done by one of the Yahoo readers SIUBAS, who also must be an avid Dogecoin fan, Shibes are flocking in to support the appeal and asking the Yahoo team to list the Dogecoin/USD pair on their finance portal.

“You recently added BTC/USD Quote to Yahoo Finance,” the plea justifies, requesting to add the pair. “We love using Yahoo Finance, and Dogecoin community is the most motivated cryptocurrency community out there. Also, it is only second to Bitcoin in user base. We are often in the news and get significant media attention. It will be a win-win for both, Yahoo Finance and Dogecoin!”


The appeal has got a huge support indeed as it is currently ranking 1 – meaning top priority – on the Yahoo Finance suggestion page. Yesterday it was ranking 12th – surely indicating that the community has done half the job simply by voting.

While getting listed on Yahoo doesn’t guarantee a quick success, but indeed it will be a better platform for Dogecoin to explain its credibility as a cryptocurrency before a giant like Bitcoin. “More eyes, more investors” might work just well. Let’s just wait for the Yahoo response meanwhile.

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