Dogecoin Developer Mocks Litecoin, Rejects Merge Mining Proposal As Well


Dogecoin Developer Mocks Litecoin, Rejects Merge Mining Proposal As Well – Last week, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee re-proposed Dogecoin development team to merge with his coin, citing their constantly depleting hashrate a major factor in killing the Dogecoin entirely. The Doge community however didn’t take the proposal quite well and turned it down respectfully. Meanwhile, one of the Dogecoin developers – codename Ileti – took Reddit to amplify the rejection of merged-mining proposal; this time quite brashly.


In his long reply to Charlie Lee, Ileti accused Litecoin of having a “horrifically maintained” codebase. Amusingly, he also mentioned that forking this codebase to create Dogecoin was the biggest mistake. “But we must remember that Doge started as a joke; and for a joke, it would’ve made no sense to fork from BTC, and then change the PoW to Scrypt,” he added. “It would just add needless time to “setting up the joke”. The quickest route at the time was just [to] fork LTC.”

Ileti also took a pot-shot at Charlie Lee by calling him a bad developer who blames a mere lower hashrate as the key factor of some coin’s downfall. On the other hand, he tried to convey Lee the factors that builds up a coin from foundation, which are strong communities, active development teams, and none the least, merchants. He quoted Dogecoin and Darkcoin to have such traits, while rubbished Litecoin for lacking them.

However, Ileti also acknowledged the poor market scenario of Dogecoin whose market value has dropped around 14% since it hit its peak value. Meanwhile, Litecoin’s own value has dropped around 25%, he explained. “Yes, these are both horrible cases – ours more so than LTC’s, but I think at this point we have proven that following the advice of LTC will in absolutely no way help us.”

We can’t really comment about the intentions of Charlie Lee behind making that proposal, but it indeed has stirred the Dogecoin community to some extent. In present scenario, we can see both coins suffering from its own melodrama. While Dogecoin is still treating itself a joke, Litecoin is losing steam after the arrival of ASICS, which has made impossible for miners to receive a better ROI; they therefore are moving towards more profitable cryptocurrencies. At the end, the only ones to lose here are those whose investments are at stake.

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