Dogecoin Creator Jackson Palmer Returns to Shibes


Dogecoin Creator Jackson Palmer Returns to Reddit – Soundcloud.COM was the last place I could imagine to encounter Jackson Palmer return. The Dogecoin creator, who left the Reddit community sometimes earlier because of few ideological clashes, today made a comeback to the community he started and nourished all these months. Such fun!

Somewhere near the end of this June, Jackson Palmer and Moolah.IO creator went into a public tussle over the trademark issue of the word “Doge”. The ugly debate, which took place on Reddit, had attracted almost the entire Dogecoin community as spectators and commentators as well. As a huge amount of coin’s internal issues were made public in abruptness, Palmer decided it was better to step down and literally offered Green to run the community on his place.


“Given that I just can’t be bothered dealing with the massive amounts of hate you’ve somehow had directed at me though, in the past 24 hours, I’m going to step back and let you run this community here on Reddit from now on, which you obviously own. Unsubshibing. Peace,” Palmer said to Green.

This whole event proved to be drastic for the community as it was already under the pressures of other coin’s problems, mainly its constantly falling hash rate and mining reward. While these problems were recently addressed by the announcement of merge mining, the community was still lacking the brain that made Dogecoin what it is today – a cryptocurrency with a heart.

Now with Palmer returned, Shibes are taking it as good signs for future. Although Palmer never left Dogecoin from core and was being actively involved in expanding its territories, but his absence was noticeable for those two long months. Optimism returns to the Shibe community, finally!

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