Dogecoin Community Starts a Fundraiser for Mayflower Tornado Victims


Dogecoin Community Starts a Fundraiser for Mayflower Tornado Victims – Although Shibes are known to be the most easy-going, fun-filled cryptocurrency community, but its concerns towards serious issues are indeed significant. After evolving itself in several fundraisers, the Doge community is now set to raise money for Mayflower tornado victims.

The campaign was started yesterday when one of the Dogecoin members on Reddit, who goes by the identity ‘Sheeves11’, informed the fellow members about him donating 340K Doge to help the tornado-hit people in Mayflower, Arkansas. The man also informed to be associated with two charitable organizations – The Van and the One, Inc. – who are accepting donations to provide the victims with food, water and other necessary supplies.

“If we raise a significant amount of money, I will spread the donations between these other local charities and the American Red Cross, depending on the need once I get to the site,” requested Sheeves11 to the fellow Shibes.


The fundraiser was responded with both money and doubts. While there was some people who instantly transferred Doges to the campaigner’s wallet, there were also some who were skeptical about the whole campaign, thinking it might be another scam. Sheeves11 however replied that he has messaged the mods in order to provide people with proof, but they would likely prefer not to involve themselves in a fundraiser until and unless it is proved to be a scam. The campaigner also posted its wallet snapshot, as well as links to his two Facebook pages, in order to ensure complete transparency.

“I’m really putting my reputation on the line with this,” said he.

Upon his assurance, there have been developments in the overall program, as the community has collectively raise a sum of 1,444,500 Doges (around $700+) in less than 24 hours. With more and more members beginning to acknowledge the event, the overall amount is likely to be tripled in next 24 hours.

If you would like to be a part of this campaign, you can visit here.

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