Dogecoin Community Raising Funds to Help NASCAR Racer


Dogecoin Community Collecting Funds for Helping NASCAR Race Participant – Dogecoin is indeed a coin with a cause, proves the recent humanitarian acts of its community. Days after collecting capitals for bringing free drinkable water to Kenyans, the good folks on Reddit have announced to fund driver Josh Wise and the sponsor-less No. 968 car in the upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

The idea of funding the 31-year old driver was originated inside the kind-mind of Dennis Pavel, who also have been previously involved in sending Jamaican bobsled team to Olympics and aforementioned funding for bringing Kenyans free drinking water. The man goes by the name u/unicorn_butt_sex (don’t mind the slang) on Reddit.

“It was massive. Everyone seemed so into it,” Pavel said. “I was happy to see it really take off. That’s when I started to research.”

What Pavel actually discovered was a sponsor-less car of Josh Wise, who have been in the top ten twice in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. He then contacted Phil Parson, the owner of Wise’s car, and wondered if Dogecoin community can collectively sponsor the vehicle. It was then both folks agreed to be a part of this kind venture.


As per Dennis and other enthusiastic donors, the community is targeting to raise around $50,000 for Josh. This amount is much larger than their previous charity, and would take a much more time than planned.

There is now a YouCaring fundraising site, a u/Reddit_Recing Reddit page, and a Twitter account that is endorsing the fundraising over internet. So far, the community has been able to collect over $2,000, with only 74 days left to touch the expected figure.

Whether the Dogecoin community reaches the set target or not, they are surely making enough waves in the cryptocurrency market. Litecoin, Bitcoin community! Watch this space.

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