Dogecoin All Set to Sponsor Josh Wise “Twice” Again


Dogecoin All Set to Sponsor Josh Wise “Twice” Again – Dogecoin might have been the only cryptocurrency that opened an altogether different way to the market itself – a method from which other cryptocurrencies take inspiration nowadays. One of the best Dogecoin marketing strategies in recent days was to sponsor a sponsor-less NASCAR driver Josh Wise, and transforming his racing car into a brand called Dogecar, wearing the proud Dogecoin logos.

The move was genuinely appreciated by the entire cryptocurrency community, following which even the big daddy Bitcoin also opened up towards sponsoring Formula Masters driver Dan Wells. It clearly signifies the Dogecoin’s venture with Josh Wise a superlative success.


And since the May Talladega race – the same event in which Josh Wise rode the Dogecar for the first time and finished on the 20th spot, despite the limited superior equipment – there have been many ventures regarding the NASCAR driver. One of them is the famous voting around in which many Shibes voted for Josh to have him appear in NASCAR All-Star race. The car racing sportsman ended up on a prestigious 15th position, with the same Dogecar making its presence felt on the race tracks once again.

Following the aforementioned events, Josh Wise raced further towards creating a personal bond with the Dogecoin community. The man designed an attractive jersey featuring the Dogecoin logo, and alongside announced to participate in another race in Talladega, to be held in October, if he is able to sell more than 5000 jerseys. He further announced to participate in the June 22nd race in Sonoma, California, if he and Dogecoin are able to sell over 10,000 jerseys.

While the first target was achieved successfully, the latter felt short of reaching 10,000. But Josh Wise invested from his own pockets to meet the rest of the expenses for the Sonoma race, and eventually the man is participating in both the aforementioned events.

How will it help Dogecoin?
Speaking financially, we don’t think these events will have any major impact on the Dogecoin economy. But on the other hand, this strategy will simply put Dogecoin in front of uninformed souls. The only chance of Dogecoin to survive in today’s hyped cryptocurrency market is only by being traded on a wider scale – a thing Bitcoin and Litecoin are comfortably implementing. If through this event, Dogecoin community gets even a handful of following then it is indeed a success.

Meanwhile, Best of Luck to Josh for the upcoming races.

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