Dogecoin: Historical Tweet Raises $11,000 for Kenyans


Dogecoin: A Historical Tweet that Raised $11,000 for Kenyan People – Before the day wraps up in European territory, ForexMinute & Team first would like to thanks Dogecoin for completing its 100 successful days. And we also would like appreciate its community for doing an impeccable humanitarian act by raising 40 million Dogecoins – almost $11,000 – so that Kenyan people get to have clean drinking water.

And this is the first time a specific cryptocurrency-community has raised such an amount for charity, just by a simple single tweet. If reports are to be believed, the program Doge4Water reached its goal of collecting the aforementioned amount just a few days earlier than the expected time; thank to an anonymous twitter account ‘Hood’ to provide all the money at once.

The account from which the money was received is actually a simple bot that allows one to perform a “tip” for the benefits of any other Twitter user.


Reportedly, the program’s initiator Eric Nakagawa had expected to raise the money before March 22nd this year, which a simple tweet brought within mere seconds. They had already received 16.3 million Dogecoins from various sources. But just the day before closing, a Robin Hood like entity decided to donate 14 million Dogecoins, creating history.

Initially, everyone thought it’s an internet prank but within a few minutes of the donation, Doge4Water confirmed its authenticity. As the cryptocurrencies are natively designed around a transparent block-chain, one can see the detailed transaction here and notice how the total number of Dogecoin are around 40,666,000. A statement by the Dogecoin foundation has also confirmed the transaction 26 million Dogecoins by nearly 4,000 donors, with an average donation of $6 each.

The key donator Hood has also spoken on Reddit about the potential humanitarian work the Dogecoin community can do in the future. He indicated to contribute also in other initiatives to help people in need. His idea is to present a vigilante-like-currency in the world where wealth is too concentrated.

Whether this vision will see life or not, but one thing is sure that the team Doge4Water has reached its purpose quite successfully.

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