Doge4Nascar Campaign: Dogecoin Members Raise Anticipated Funds for Driver Josh Wise


Dogecoin Community Collecting Funds for Helping NASCAR Race Participant – Reddit group /r/Dogecoin might not have anticipated to surpass their expectations when they started to collect funds for sponsor-less NASCAR driver Josh Wise. But the group has beaten all the odds when they announced today that they have collected around $50,000 for the event – meeting their expectations successfully, which even then sounded impossible.

We earlier reported the lucky mistake of one of the Reddit users Moolah, who accidentally added an extra-zero to his contribution, and ended up donating a whopping $13,500 for the cause. He though never retaliated, but further engrossed other users and encouraged them to donate for Josh Wise’s sponsor-less No. 68 car. A similar donation was then made by another Reddit user dogefreedom, which brought Doge4Nascar campaign to just 8 million Dogecoins short of final goal. That was 24 hours before!

Today, Dogecoin’s community is ready to create yet another history. The earlier one was the astonishing tweet that raised $11,000 to provide Kenyan people free and clean drinking water. The use of the digital currency in previous humanitarian works have also stamped a good impression on people’s mind.


With Doge4Nascar Campaign, Dogecoin members will directly contribute to design and wrap the car’s exteriors, as well as offer productive assistance in its branding. The marketing part will be handled by one of the Reddit member in the aforementioned group. Rumors are, that Dogecoin will use its own signature – the image of a Shiba Inu Dog – as the logo on the Josh Wise’s car.

ForexMinute congratulates Reddit group /r/Dogecoin to raise this much money for a good reason, and hails Dogecoin community for always involving their mined currency for various charitable events.

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