Doge4Nascar Campaign: Dogecoin Community to Create History


Doge4Nascar Campaign: Dogecoin Community Moving Towards to Create another History – With generosity stamped all over their faces, Dogecoin community is by far the most unique, and non-greedy cryptocurrency community ever, proves their earlier humanitarian ventures. After raising a record-breaking figure of $11,000 for providing Kenyans clean drinking water, the Dogecoin community is all set to create more history, as it is inches away from their goal to raise $50,000 for NASCAR driver Josh Wise.

Last week, a kind Dogecoin user Dennis Pavel inaugurated a campaign to collect funds for sponsoring the un-sponsored Wise’s No. 968 car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The man therefore contacted the car’s owner Phil Parson, and decided to collectively sponsor the automobile in the series. It was that time when Dennis announced to target the whopping funds of $50,000 (around 67.5 million Dogecoin).


At first the donations were of minimal amounts, and the expectations of Dennis was losing to reality. The campaign was able to raise only a handful of Dogecoin. But the hope was reincarnated when two generous Shibes donated around 40 million Dogecoin collectively, which has now brought the funds near to its expected target – just 8 million short at the time of writing.

However, there was a certain twist to this story which may sound a little (or very) unethical to readers. The first contributor, who donated a massive 20 million Dogecoin for the cause, wanted to donate only 2 million units at first. Reddit user_moolah although dared other members of the community at the same time to donate either the same amount or more. It was another Reddit user dogefreedom who matched his forerunner after donating the same amount for Doge4Nascar Campaign.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will start in early April.

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