DNS Services Provider No-IP Now Accepts Bitcoins


DNS Services Provider No-IP Now Accepts Bitcoins

DNS or Domain Name Services provider No-IP which was formed a decade and half years ago has announced that it is going to accept Bitcoin in exchange for its services. This is encouraging news not just for Bitcoin enthusiasts but also for a company that was started from a dormitory room when the founder was working as an intern.

The company in its statement said that now customers can convert their Bitcoins into No-IP credit wherein they are able to pay for all of their favorite No-IP services with Bitcoins. Currently, No-IP has over 16 million customers who use its services to access their computers remotely, run a home server, monitor an IP camera & manage their websites DNS.

No-IP which has a robust Anycast Network with 17 points of presence located across the globe to ensure that client’s Managed DNS service never encounters any downtime, is going to help customers with the new announcement that it brought in after looking into the success of the digital currency. Bitcoin is gaining new clients and customers every passing day.

A source from No-IP said that now customers can manage their DNS more efficiently than ever as it provides useful, reliable and powerful services that help home users, small and large businesses and even fortune 500 companies take control over all aspects of their DNS and domain services.

Talking about the modus-operandi, a spokesperson for No-IP said that customers will receive an email after their 1st payment confirmation has been received, another email will be sent after it has received the 6th payment confirmation notifying it that customer’s Bitcoin transfer was successful.


Easy to Use Conversion Process

Once the company has received the 6th confirmation, it will use the 15 minute buy price from BlockChain.info to calculate customer’s No-IP credits. For any transactions customers would need to have a No-IP account. Also, it requires a minimum transfer of .001 BTC wherein the maximum amount of No-IP Credits to be credited from a Bitcoin transfer is $250.

The company also requests its customers that they do not need to transfer amounts of Bitcoins that convert to more than $250 as currently it has announced to honor any transfers over $250.

Regarding the time the whole transaction would complete, the source from the company said that Bitcoins will not be finalized until it has received 6 confirmations of the transaction. Typically, these take an average of 10 minutes per confirmation.

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