Dish Starts Accepting Bitcoins Today


Dish Starts Accepting Bitcoins Today – Sometime in May, the world’s most renowned satellite TV provider Dish Network announced that they are hopeful to start accepting Bitcoin as one of their payment methods. The news was widely circulated and was well-received by the entire cryptocurrency community. And now, the promise made by Dish Network has finally been fulfilled today on August 14th 2014.

The US-based company has finally implemented the Bitcoin payment acceptance service on its website. Moreover, Dish’s customers are already lining up to pay their bills using Bitcoin. Incidentally, the first customers to use the Dish’s Bitcoin payment network are none other than Austin and Beccy Craig, who will be featuring in an upcoming documentary, Life on Bitcoin.

The event comes at a time when Bitcoin is facing huge losses at the market front, probably due to coin dumping at root level. But nonetheless, this negativity is far away from impacting the rate of merchant adaption. Dish’s decision can be an example for other businesses as well to come and embrace Bitcoin into their payment mechanism.

Even Austin and Beccy Craig added few words in Dish and Bitcoin’s honor. They both think Dish to be a leading example of how the world is becoming friendlier with new ways of buying products and services. “When we shot our film last year, we struggled to watch TV or go to a movie paying with bitcoin. Now, a leader in TV technology is embracing this bitcoin movement from a tech-savvy crowd,” Austin added.

Due to the collaborative efforts of Dish and Bitcoin-loving individuals like Austin and Beccy, his digital coin is now available to be embraced by the former’s 14 million television subscribers. Not only is this a great tool for Bitcoin’s marketing among common goers, it also tags Dish as an innovative company that never steps away from adapting new technologies.

We must now forget to mention Overstock and Dell which are making good returns upon their implementation of Bitcoin payments. In no time, we expect Dish Network to make similar profits as well. Bitcoin, to the moon!

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