DigitalTangible Announces to Bring Bitcoin and US Dollar exchange services


DigitalTangible Announces to Bring Bitcoin and US Dollar exchange services

A press release from DigitalTangible, Inc, a leader in bridging the precious metals and Bitcoin marketplaces, informs that the company has launched Bitcoin and US Dollar exchange services for its customers. The release says their new technology integration will bring new, reputable Bitcoin and US Dollar exchange services directly into the DigitalTangible wallet.

Talking to media professionals Taariq Lewis, Founder and CEO of DigitalTangible said that the company aims to make the transaction experience for precious metals traders and dealers as seamless as possible. The company says that now customers can buy precious metals at the lowest premiums over spot from its gold marketplace.

They can also trade precious metals digitally in its marketplace or on the partner exchanges. Additionally, customers can transfer funds between their Coinbase and DigitalTangible wallets with a single button. Thus, bringing this new functionality is definitely going to help it as it will give investors more speed and agility to carry out a precious metals-Bitcoin trading strategy.

Nonetheless, as the company is removing the delays from bank-to-bank funds settlements, common in the physical precious metals markets, it will further generate trust among users. Nonetheless, as Bitcoin payment is the fastest way to secure precious metals in the industry, the company wanted to differentiate it by making this process even faster by using Coinbase.

Trade Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, and USD without Leaving the DigitalTangible platform

He informs that now customers can securely command liquidity with unprecedented ease. According to him, DigitalTangible starting immediately its users may connect their Coinbase Bitcoin and USD wallets to their DigitalTangible wallet. Similarly, precious metal traders and investors may now instantly exchange between gold, silver, Bitcoin and US Dollars, without ever having to leave the DigitalTangible platform and without the need of a broker.

According to the company, it aims to leverage Bitcoin currency and the Bitcoin Blockchain technology to increase the speed of precious metals trading. Towards that it now helps gold dealers and precious metal trading customers execute large orders and settle within under an hour and at fraction of current costs.

The company informs that this new integration expands the DigitalTangible investment platform into a full-service tool previously unavailable to global investors. Also, utilizing both security protocols from Coinbase and DigitalTangible, users can manage their wealth with speed, transparency and confidence unparalleled anywhere else.

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