Digital Finance Institute Launched to Promote Innovative Payment Technologies like Bitcoin


Digital Finance Institute Launched to Promote Innovative Payment Technologies like Bitcoin – The Digital Finance Institute (DFI) announced its launch as the convener of digital financial technologies like Bitcoin and Internet of Things.

The Canadian not-for-profit organization will be creating a strategic link between the veterans of digital and traditional finance sector to promote a balanced regulatory methods through leadership, education, research and advocacy. Christine Duhaime, the DFI’s co-founder and well-known financial regulator, said in a press statement that they are hoping to balance “innovation and regulation” to address the current financial inclusion problem around the world.

“As we add regulatory requirements to financial transactions, including in the digital fintech space, we negatively impact venture capital funding, stifle innovation and force greater numbers of people out of the banking system globally, especially women and people living in poverty,” she said. “It’s time to go back to the drawing board on financial regulation to achieve a better balance, fix financial exclusion problems and bring women into that dialogue in a meaningful way.”

From the first look, the DFI reminds one of certain Bitcoin lobbying groups like Chamber of Digital Commerce, Bitcoin Foundation and Australian Digital Commerce Association which advocates the digital currency technology among emerging entrepreneurs, politicians and people. Though, DFI clearly indicates itself to be an all-in-one nonprofit for future finance technologies, which Bitcoin is a part of.

The nonprofit organization has created a working model based on which they will try to draw balanced conclusions that profits both regulators and fintech backers. This model includes everything from conducting researches, developing capacity building programs for both public and private sectors, and providing consultation on critical rulings.

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