Digital Currency Platform Mobuinet Aims Higher, Launches Indiegogo Campaign


Digital Currency Platform Mobuinet Aims Higher, Launches Indiegogo Campaign,

In a press release to their targeted audience, moBUinet, a platform where digital currencies can be utilized as they have always been intended to be used as a practical solution enabling everyone to achieve their goals, regardless of social, geographic or financial constraints, has launched Indiegogo campaign.

The company says that digital currencies should be more than a speculative investment or a trendy toy. The ambition of moBUinet is to help people and businesses around the world to interact, cooperate and exchange in order to combine their resources and talents for their mutual benefit.

The founders of moBUinet believe that the current recession has further magnified the disconnect in the lives, whereby everyone lives in a world with abundant resources though limited opportunity. This according to them has been a result of the global financial system not being capable of combining exuberant capital and technologies.

However, there is firm belief at moBUinet that the vast number of idle hands; and the critical needs of the masses into enterprises working for the benefit of everyone. They believe the rise of Bitcoin has been a clear sign that the conventional financial system has been challenged by peer-to-peer communities, and we believe that we are now on the verge of a breakthrough.

They believe that though Bitcoin claims to be a revolutionary technology, it is not supported by an adequate system of economic cooperation and exchange where the technology can be effectively utilized. For them it appears that they have invented petrol before an engine and are using the new fuel to water horses.

However, they believe that moBUinet is a unique platform that allows every market participant, from manufacturers to customers, to interact in one environment. According to them the key concept of moBUinet is an entity, which may be an organization, a project, a business, a freelance practice, a campaign or any other form of collaboration for a purpose.

Wider Network of Bitcoin Users

Nonetheless, each of these entities can partner with other individuals or other entities via different relationships (unlike ‘Likes’) such as employer, customer, vendor, shareholder, investor, and many others. Different Bitcoin adopters – individuals, a shop, a farmer, a hairdresser, a freelancer, a restaurant etc – can set up their Entity pages and connect to each other creating an ecosystem of cooperating Bitcoin users.

 As a result, everyone will have more chances to earn more and then use the earnings without leaving the vibrant cosmopolitan world of digital currencies. The bigger the community – the more options to use decentralized currencies everyone have – and the more valuable they are.

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