Destinia Offering Low Cost Flights for Customers paying in Bitcoin


Destinia Offering Low Cost Flights for Customers paying in Bitcoin

Though Destinia, an online travel agency that started accepting the innovative payment method Bitcoin way back in January of 2014, is not new to customers when it comes to affordable flight tickets, this company has now announced that it extends the ability of virtual payment methods to include low cost flights.

The company says that this is an option that previously was not permitted by any other online travel agency in competition with Destinia. Thus, Destinia has emerged as a source for low cost ticket for the customers who want to save some money or have low affordability and Bitcoin itself is playing pivotal role in this.

Nonetheless, the demand for such a service is undisputed, and with back-end technological development due to these certain airlines only allowing direct payment, it will be welcomed. The company says that the Bitcoin is a currency, just as the Euro or the US Dollar, which serves to exchange goods and services.

However, according to Destinia’s website Bitcoin is a virtual currency that presents innovative characteristics and stands out for its efficiency, security and payment readiness. With the low cost airlines, Destinia offers the purchase of airline tickets with Bitcoin for nearly 600 airlines with which they operate alongside.

In an announcement the company says that customers can make train and hotel accommodation reservations on via Bitcoin and other services. Amuda Gouell, the CEO of the company was quoted saying:

For us, the client is the most important. And our clients want two things: price and service. Therefore, we make every effort to constantly innovate in both areas.

Bitcoin Enables Destinia save Costs by Almost Nil Transaction Charges

It appears with such measures Destinia is moving forward in their attempt to consolidate themselves as one of the most innovative online travel agencies through the use of Bitcoin. Nonetheless, with this measure travelers will be grateful in utilizing the digital payment option via Bitcoin.

The digital currency enables the company provides cost-efficiency to customers as there is almost nil transaction charges when payment is done via Bitcoin. The company passes the benefits to the customers when they book the tickets and pay in the digital currency.

Thus, Destinia saves the cost for customers not just by collaborating low-cost airlines but by accepting Bitcoin payments from customers.

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