Dell to now Accept Bitcoin Payments from its Customers in the UK and Canada


Dell to now Accept Bitcoin Payments from its Customers in the UK and Canada

Looks like Dell is sincere about Bitcoin, at least from its decision to expand its Bitcoin payments program to consumers in the UK and Canada shows so. The news regarding the decision to accept Bitcoin from the customers from the two countries came in when CIO Paul Walsh was speaking at eTail West, an annual e-commerce conference.

During the keynote address CIO Paul Walsh said that the decision was prompted by customer demand and the positive feedback the company had so far received for its US offering. According to him the company is hearing from its customers around the world that they want the option to use Bitcoin when buying Dell products.

Therefore, he says that the company is excited to deliver Bitcoin as a payment method on to its customers in Canada and the UK. Though the company has been accepting Bitcoin for purchases via its US store since July 2014, this is for the first time that it has decided to offer the privilege to the customers in Canada and the UK.

Nonetheless, the company will continue to receive local currency from Coinbase in exchange for Bitcoin orders, in this case GBP and the Canadian dollar. Now, two giants Microsoft and Dell will be competing with one another to get more Bitcoin payments. These two companies decided the last year to embrace the virtual currency that brought it to mainstream.

Walsh further elaborated that Bitcoin’s ability to provide consumers with added choice and flexibility was key to Dell’s decision to expand the payments program. According to him since accepting the program, Bitcoin has become a popular purchasing tool for both consumers as well as business customers.

Critics Say Dell is not Actually investing in Bitcoin Technology

He confesses that the company is seeing purchases across its full product spectrum; however, he declined that there would be any kind of promotional offers for the Bitcoin users. According to him the company will offer Bitcoin as long as customers demand it as it realizes that it should offer a payment solution that provides customers easier methods.

Though Dell has decided to embrace Bitcoin, skeptics question the intentions of the company as according to them it is not actually an investment in the virtual currency. Factually, the company will be swapping the digital currency with cash and not going to hold them. This according to the critics is not an investment in the Bitcoin technology.

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