Delaware to Open First Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Wilmington


Delaware to Open First Medical Marijuana Dispensary in WilmingtonDelaware’s officials reached an agreement with a former lobbyist to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state. The officials signed a 2-year contract on Monday with First State Compassion Center that is headed by Mark Lally, who once worked as a state trooper and as U.S. Sen. Tom Carper’s director for Sussex County.

The facility will be located in the Wilmington industrial park. The cultivation of the plants will start this fall, with plants expected to be ready in four months before being sold early next year, reported The State.

In a related development, a judge is reviewing a request tabled by Lally seeking the dismissal of a case where former Lewes City councilman Jud Bennett argues that Lally dishonored a deal to assist him to obtain a medical marijuana permit.

Elsewhere, Dr. Maria Elena Lopez, Costa Rica’s Health Minister, has voiced her support for a medical marijuana bill that was tabled before the nation’s Legislative Assembly on Monday.  She said that the drug has “been used for various therapeutic purposes”.


The bill’s sponsor, Marvin Delgado Atencio, said that marijuana and the associated products could boost the country’s revenue through taxes, which he projected could reach $20 million per year. This revenue, as detailed in the proposal, could be obtained from licenses, 7% tax, concessions and permits.

The bill would also pave way for the creating of a research institute linked to the Ministry of Health that will research the effects of the drug, grant permits and licenses, and also issue registration cards to qualified patients. The drug will be available for free in public hospitals to the needy patients, and would also be accessed through the private healthcare providers, noted Atencio. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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