DEA Officials Warn Massachusetts Doctors with Ties to Medical Marijuana Operations


DEA Officials Warn Massachusetts Doctors with Ties to Medical Marijuana OperationsThe US Drug Enforcement Administration officials visited offices and homes of Massachusetts doctors that are linked with medical marijuana facilities and told them to cut off all ties to cannabis companies or lose federal licenses that allow them to prescribe some drugs, according to several doctors and their lawyers.

The physicians were told that the conflict between state law, which allows the use of the drug for medical purposes; and federal law, which outlaws the use of marijuana for any purpose. Some doctors have resigned from the marijuana dispensaries, in order to safeguard their livehoods.

“Here are your options,” Dr. Samuel Mazza told The Boston Globe he was a New England-based DEA investigator. “You either give up your [DEA] license or give up your position on the board . . . or you challenge it in court.”


Mazza, who is the CEO of Debilitating Medical Conditions Treatment Centers, a medical marijuana dispensary operator, said that the DEA official visited him immediately after the state authorities released the list of the first 20 applicants who were awarded preliminary licenses to open medical marijuana facilities.

The move by DEA comes despite the fact that the US House of Representatives passed a bill last week that limits the DEA from conducting crackdowns on medical marijuana facilities in states where the drug is legal. The Senate is yet to decide on the matter.

Federal and State officials have repeatedly clashed in 22 states where medical marijuana is allowed, mostly since 2010. Doctors and caregivers who can prescribe narcotics and restricted substances must register with DEA, which has power to scrap federal licenses of those who illegally administer the drugs. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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