DC Cannabis Campaign Now Accepts Bitcoins in Donations

DC Cannabis Campaign Now Accepts Bitcoins in Donations
DC Cannabis Campaign Now Accepts Bitcoins in Donations

DC Cannabis Campaign Now Accepts Bitcoins in Donations

Apart from collecting signatures from DC voters on April 23, the DC Cannabis Campaign has also begun accepting Bitcoin to fund its campaign. In its announcement, the DCMJ which was created by frustrated residents of the District of Columbia who were tired of the outdated marijuana laws says that it welcomes all donations small and large from its supporters.

Appealing to the people it said that if they support changing the marijuana laws in DC, please sign up to its email list so that it can start working together to put voter initiative #71 on November’s General Election ballot. Additionally, the collected amount in Bitcoin and payment methods will be used for dissemination of information and making people aware.

Though some critics say that financing of the efforts of legalization of marijuana using Bitcoins will be black public relations exercise for Bitcoin, the campaign organizers believe that this is not the right opinion. In its official announcement the organizers say that this is a grassroots campaign created by and for District of Columbia residents.

The organization says that in order to have a viable campaign, it needs to raise at least $500,000 and for that it is now accepting Bitcoin as well. Interestingly, The DC Cannabis Campaign is not the only pro-marijuana organization as there is ‘New Approach Washington’ a coalition of Washington citizens who believe that treating marijuana use as a crime has failed and it should change.

‘New Approach Washington’ which has its members from the community of doctors, lawyers, treatment and prevention experts, business people, and parents, etc. working for the same goal called ‘Initiative 502.’ Now, the effort from the DC Cannabis Campaign to legalize marijuana according to some people is redundant.


Critics Questioning the Efforts to Associate Bitcoin with Marijuana

The people calling it redundant say that when the ‘Initiative 502’ which is asking for license and regulate marijuana production, distribution, and possession for persons over twenty-one; remove state-law criminal and civil penalties for activities that it authorizes; tax marijuana sales; and earmark marijuana-related revenues, etc. where is a separate need for any other campaign.

At the same time the DC Cannabis Campaign clears that it is fighting for legalization of cannabis which means no more games with marijuana. It says that it benefits communities by removing a top source of funding for gang activity and for that it cites the examples of Colorado and Washington State wherein legalization provided new streams of revenue for governments.

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