Data Shows Surge in Japan’s Industrial Production

Data Shows Surge in Japan's Industrial Production
Data Shows Surge in Japan's Industrial Production

Official data reports on Thursday indicated positive trends in Japan with an increase in industrial production in the preceding month. The report presented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry elaborated that the industrial production had increased to a value of 0.3%, from 0.3% in the last month, even though analysts had predicted that that industrial growth may stay maintained without any changes at 0.0% for the previous month.

The employment change in Australia showed an increase in the previous month, registering a value, which was more than anticipated, according to reports released on Thursday. The details offered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics described that Australian employment change had moved up to 71.5K, from a reading of 13.0K in the former month whose reading was revised up from a position of 10.4K. Analysis had anticipated that the employment change in Australia to increase 9.0K previous month.

Reports related to trade balance in South Korea, presented on Thursday stated that the value had decreased in the previous quarter. The official data announced by Korea National Statistical Office indicated that South Korean Trade Balance moved low to a value of 2.02B, from a position of 2.06B in the previous quarter. There was a general expectation among analysts that the trade balance in South Korea to fall to 0.00B in the preceding quarter.

In other news, official reports announced on Wednesday showed that the U.S. federal budget balance fell previous month to a value that was lower than anticipated. The report presented by Department of the Treasury indicated that the U.S. federal budget balance had moved low to a value of -204.0B, from 3.0B in the earlier month. However, analysts had predicted the U.S. federal budget balance to decrease to a position of -205.0B preceding month.

It was observed that the industrial production for the Euro zone had decreased for the fourth time over five months in January. This highlighted concerns related to the perspective for economic growth, according to official reports detailed on Wednesday. Eurostat, the reputed European statistics agency reported that industrial production had decreased to a value of 0.4% observed in the month of January, against anticipation for a decline of 0.1%.