Darkcoin Team Reveals New Plans after RC4


Darkcoin Team Reveals New Plans after RC4

ForexMinute.com – It has been just days since the launch of Darkcoin’s Release Candidate 4 (RC4) client and the coin is now back with few more interesting development plans. In the next 3-6 weeks, the entire Darkcoin development team will be busy creating the next release candidate, called RC5.

According to the latest blog-entry by Darkcoin core developer EDUFFIELD, RC5 client will be focusing on few minor issues related to “a basic GUI that shows the current status of Darksend.” The developer also informed the community about their plans to upgrade Darksend source code. He confirmed that his team are preparing it for other programmers to help out. “It needs heavy commenting and some basic refactoring,” he added.

There are also few other mention-worthy development updates EDUFFIELD is planning to implement in upcoming days. Keeping most of his focus on improving Darksend, he has confirmed to involve celebrated Bitcoin security and privacy expert Kristov Atlas, who is reportedly working on certain “deliverables” to improve anonymity-strength and code security of Darksend platform.

The other development updates include testing masternodes’ enforcement, open sourcing the upcoming RC5 client, and the most importantly, introducing DarkTor. This new project seems like a fitting reply to the unfair cryptocurrency regulations that were recently proposed by New York’s Department of Financial Services. Nothing less than trailer of some Christopher Nolan’s next, DarkTor is promising something really unique for the first time in cryptocurrency market. Here is the exact excerpt from the EDUFFIELD blog:

“One of the future goals is to turn the masternode network into a decentralized business for masternode operators. To do this we’ll add features that improve the privacy of end users and compete with centralized businesses. Our first endeavor into this is to make a completely private tor network within Darkcoin.


“The Darkcoin network will begin to offer anonymous internet access via the masternode network. As a user, all you’ll have to do is pay a fee for 24 hours of access. This fee will be paid to a masternode in much the same way the masternode fees are paid, using a deterministic algorithm for distributing the payments evenly across the whole network.”

The Darkcoin community, as usual, is excited about this update and is hoping this implementation to beat competition by larger extents. We will keep our tabs on this report and will update you with every important update.

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