Darkcoin Team Posts New Development Updates; Market Uplifts


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ForexMinute.com – In yet another development update, the Darkcoin core developer EDUFFIELD informed users about the present-day scenario of its much awaited projects like Darksend+ and Release Candidate 4 (RC4). Overall, the given update revealed the projects to be going in the right direction that ultimately optimized the falling Darkcoin market.

At this hour, the Darkcoin market cap has surged by over 35% in the wake of the July 30th update, which informed users about how Darksend+ testing is progressing smoothly and eventually coming to an end without much hassle. Darksend+ is one of the most awaited projects by the entire cryptocurrency community. You can read about it here.


Moving further to RC4 update, this announcement is somewhat opposed to what we say “expected”. As per informed by EDUFFIELD, there are still a number of bugs in the software because of which the team had to rewrite the entire software. It ultimately made the team to push the RC4 release further ahead to early August. Meanwhile, in this whole process the implementation of IP Obfuscation is also delayed.

The market however didn’t consider the delays and rose magnificently anyway. This behavior however is quite common in Darkcoin price charts. While looking at the Darkcoin’s 2 month chart, we saw similar price behaviors right ahead of crucial network updates, whether it is the Masternode network hardfork or RC3 softfork. The Darkcoin prices are also known to go down excessively after passing the scheduled dates.

Therefore, investors should hold their horses until the full implementation of RC4 and Darksend+ is done. Market today is full of such planned pumps, made around ear-luring announcements. Darkcoin although has a good reputation unlike other altcoins, but business is business in the end.

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