Darkcoin Team Makes New Developments in Masternode Payments


Darkcoin Team Makes New Developments in Masternode Payments

ForexMinute.com – Despite being well-intentioned, the Darkcoin previous hardfork to implement masternode payments – the RC2 – did more damage than good. The changes brought to the network initiated an internal attack which caused multiple blockchain forks. Although, the Darkcoin developers did every bit to tackle this issue and managed to restore Darkcoin to its original version, announcing that no further hardfork would be conducted.

The Darkcoin charts against major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies too suffered during this whole event, sending the coin’s value to a much lower heights. Although, the market recovered with the Darkcoin team’s announcement of introducing fresh methods to implement yet another hardfork – a thing that is now finally seeing its first days, tells another announcement.


Recently, the Darkcoin team came with the concept of automatic checkpoints – a temporary checkpointing system that would make the developments during the forthcoming hardfork RC3 risk-free. This system is successfully tried and tested with Hirocoin before, following which the Darkcoin team has also brought Hirocoin’s developer Hiro on board thanks to his expertise on the subject.

It seems like Darkcoin developers have indeed tied each knot tightly before beginning to fork their network once again. The team will be planting automatic checkpointing as a temporary solution to the Darksend code while perfecting it. Once the task is successfully implemented, they will remove the checkpointing system as its “centralized” features will be against the core ethics of Darkcoin.

Furthermore, the developers have also claimed to have fixed the mastercode payment problem. They have evidently tested the entire Masternode Payment System upon which they have taken care of the ‘Ghost Masternodes’ problem in which “the network continued to list as active even after the Masternode had been taken offline”, as well the problems in which “Masternode messages were not fully propagating throughout the network.”

While the aforementioned developments are not directly impacting the Darkcoin’s current market scenario (prices are falling heavily, see here), we believe that the successful implementation will surely bring some optimism to the cryptocurrency market. For now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

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