Darkcoin Team Claims to Have Solved Blockchain Fork Issue



ForexMinute.com – We earlier updated you about the Darkcoin network being attacked by an anonymous entity, leading its blockchain to being forked into many smaller ones. While it was feared that a large number of Darkcoins will be lost to this event, as miners were mining on the wrong blockchains, an official statement by the Darkcoin team confirmed that no funds have been lost as was rumored.

This further means that the team has successfully restored the Darkcoin network to its stable state. “Once we learned the exchanges were on different forks,” the team announced yesterday, “it was too late to do a proper fork in the future so we opted to fork immediately. The network updated rather quickly and stability was restored within a few hours.”


In the same announcement, the team also said to simply stay away from hard forking in the future, calling it “dangerous” enough to implement. They also dumped the idea of executing the rest of DarkSend features as well, as they can be only done by hard forking.

Prior to the announcement, the Darkcoin position in cryptocurrency market was heavily shaken as investors began to pump out their investments in fear of losing them forever. As a result, Darkcoin prices against the US dollar went around 25% down in a mere span of 24 hours. The coin, before the fall, was constantly trending upwards from days, during the phase in which its value surged more than 50%. This further had made Darkcoin the cryptocurrency with the third wealthiest market cap which, after that attack, got reduced to the 4th position.

Although, the successful resolving of the attack hasn’t helped the markets even now, with Darkcoin trending downwards continuously. But we can expect it to recover its lost position sooner, provided if more positive sentiment is injected into the cryptocurrency market.

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