Darkcoin Team Announces RC5 Release Date


Darkcoin Team Announces RC5 Release Date

ForexMinute.com – The Darkcoin core developer EDUFFIELD took his blog yesterday to convey their plans to launch RC5 officially on September 22nd. A step ahead of their previous client RC4, RC5 will focus on confirming the presence of masternode payments in a block. So far, the code is giving the desired results.


“RC5 has a basic version of enforcement built into it that when activated will guarantee masternode payments are present in a block. So far, testing has proven the code is working and we’re in the process of working out some of the final issues with it. The code is very simple and when activated the network will simply reject blocks from pools that have not updated.”

Alongside the release date, the core developer also ensured the community to open source Darksend. Until now, their much-hyped-anonymity-offering project is kept under heavy inspection. It has been constantly tested to ensure near-perfect results.

With EDUFFIELD promising to open source their dream project, we can say that his team might have debugged the client, though after many failed attempts in the past. The man had also promised to open source this project if the Darkcoin market picks momentum. He quoted:

“No, Darksend is definitely going to be an open source project. We’ll do some audits and make sure there’s nothing wrong with the concepts and code, then open it up.”

This news is instantly reflected on the Darkcoin market cap, which has risen over 10% in the last 24 hours, indicating a bullish scenario for the coin’s market in the coming days. The reputation of Darkcoin is now balancing on Darksend’s success or failure. Overall, we can say that Darkcoin is on the right path for now. Welcome anonymity!

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