Darkcoin Starts Testing RC4


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ForexMinute.com – After weeks of development, the Darkcoin team finally released the new network hardfork RC4, but this time only for testing purpose. In order to avoid the possibility of failed forks like previous times, the Darkcoin core developer EDUFFIELD decided to test the RC4 changes systematically.

The new updates, that are currently being subjected to testing, are much awaited Darksend+, masternode consensus voting spork, and masternode list syncing capabilities. Though, only masternode consensus voting spork is meant to be tested with enforcibility, by means of taking hashing power from customers and running masternode RC4 branch on testnet. Users were also being told to collect their test Darkcoin as the entire blockchain had to be restarted. It although was an easy task and caused no fury among the users at initial stages.


The initial responses from users are positive, with few minor compatibalily issues (easily addressable as per the official Darkcoin developers).

EDUFFIELD further informed the community about the involvement of the renowned Bitcoin security and privacy consultant Kristov Atlas during the testing phase. He will be reviewing the DarkSend source code, for which he has already asked community to make donations directly to his DRK wallet. The community has overwhelmingly donated him with Darkcoins for his valuable services.

The market is now hoping for the successful implementation of this new Darkcoin hardfork. Darkcoin prices already jumped astonishingly after the announcement of DarkSend+, indicating a positive atmosphere for this new system inside the Darkcoin network. The team has indeed taken careful steps until now, but more will be revealed when RC4 will come into an actual environment.

We will keep you updated on this.

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