Darkcoin Releases RC5, Prepares to Open Source Darksend


Darkcoin Releases RC5, Prepares to Open Source Darksend

ForexMinute.com – Almost a month after releasing RC4, the Darkcoin team is back again with its much-awaited client upgrade, Release Candidate 5.

As assured by the project’s core developer Evan Duffield, this new client easily fixes the concerns raised in security review, published earlier by renowned security expert Kristov Atlas. This includes the improvisation of Darksend’s anonymity effectiveness. Other fixes that has been implemented in RC5 is: Enforcement of masternode payments; improved Darksend speed; and Added Darksend overview screen so users can see what’s happening.

Further decorating this release is the Evan’s promise to open source Darksend next week. The news has come after eight-months of rigorous code testing, after which Darkcoin is finally confident enough to be scrutinized by coders from other part of the world. The Darksend technology code thus will be made public on September 29th, making Darkcoin the first ever anonymous cryptocurrency which is fully open-source and decentralized.

Evan Duffield has further engrossed the community by presenting his future plans for Darkcoin. The man is planning to introduce Instant Transactions technology. In one of his whitepapers released last week, Evan expected this technology to “revolutionize cryptocurrencies by providing a decentralized payment system that is usable in retail stores and other face-to-face situations.”

A demo version of Instant Transaction technology will soon be commenced. Before that, a press release will be released to elaborate the concept in front of the community. “It’s going to take a lot of work to lay the foundation, soon after we’ll be calling for some testnet users to try it out and report back,” said Evan.

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