Darkcoin Releases Darksend’s Open Source Code


Darkcoin Releases Darksend’s Open Source Code

ForexMinute.com – As scheduled during the release of RC5 last week, the Darkcoin Foundation today open-sourced Darksend. The code of this anonymity-offering platform was kept closed-source since the time of its launch. The reasons given for hiding Darksend’s source code were the unsureness of its functionality in the mainstream market, due to which the platform had to go through some really rigorous testing and audit procedures.

With Darksend source code public, it is believed that the Darkcoin Foundation has finally resolved the bugs and errors faced during its trial in real-world. The project was intended to provide users a method to hide their transaction prints from the Darkcoin blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, whose transaction records are saved on a public ledger, Darksend was more focused towards obscuring the transactions such that they remain hidden from third parties.

Being a complex project, Darksend attracted many bugs and errors during its making. Customers complained of failed and time-taking transactions. Some reports on Reddit also complained Darksend of being unable to offer even a near-perfect anonymity. Even we, at one time, assumed this technology to be manipulated to drive the Darkcoin market unethically.

The Darkcoin team however never shied away from replying to people’s queries and doubts. A nice befitting reply was made even to us when we doubted the coin’s intention. Maybe that is why, Darkcoin always managed to stay among the top market caps as the hopes with its platform were always on peak.

And now, when the Darksend is open-sourced, Darkcoin has entered into the territory of trustworthy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. Market-wise, its market cap is expected to rise further amid strong optimistic sentiment. The same can be said for its price in US and Chinese markets, which has always recorded the maximum number of Darkcoin trades.

Furthermore, the Darkcoin core developer Evan Duffield has earlier announced to further propagate the coin’s development by introducing new features like Instant Transaction Confirmation and Encrypted Multipath Communication Technology, each focusing on fast transactions and more subtle privacy, respectively.

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