Darkcoin RC5 Now in Testing Phase



ForexMinute.com – Within less than a month of the RC4 launch, the Darkcoin core developer EDUFFIELD announced new development updates of its forthcoming client RC5. This new version is hopeful to resolve the speed issues being faced in current version, mostly related to the Darksend queue improvements.

The man also listed a handful of features on which his team has conducted successful tests. They include progress indication on creating a new wallet; a new updated CLI; reverting Masternode payment back to RC3; turning back the collateral; simplifying Darksend startup screen; implementing transaction filters; and fixing other issues faced in RC4.

The followers were further requested to download RC5 client in order to be a part of its testing phase. Upon downloading the wallet, customers just need to point some hashing power at one of the Darkcoin pools. Thereon, they are further requested to “run the Masternode RC5 branch on testnet”, and anonymize some money faucet as well.

Impact on Market
Right after the testing launch of RC5, Darkcoin market improved impressively, suggesting a similar trend which we have seen around its earlier development updates. Its price against US Dollar surged more than 18% within a span of just 24 hours. However, some critics also saw it as yet another pump and dump.

This might be true to some extent. Seeing today’s cryptocurrency market reports, the Darkcoin price is trending downwards suggesting that short-term profiteers are selling the coin on its intraday high value.

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