Darkcoin Price Rebounds After the DarkSend+ Development Update


Darkcoin Price Rebounds After the DarkSend+ Development Update

ForexMinute.com – As predicted earlier, DRK market cap and price rebounded in the wake of the latest development updates posted by EDDUFIELD in its blog post on July 17th. The coin’s core developer posted a workflow chart of their upcoming anonymity system DarkSend+. The idea of denominating Darkcoin in multiple amounts, while appoint different addresses to each denomination before sending it to the receiver, was well received by the coin’s followers – a reason which might have injected confidence in the Darkcoin economy.


However, a 30-day Darkcoin chart shows us of many incidences as such. Since May 25th, we can multiple uptrends that were formed right around the implementation or announcement of new projects. They include the implementation of RC2, announcement of RC3, RC3 soft fork, and the latest announcement to launch RC4 as well. In true sense, the Darkcoin market cap is actually declining. Its peak record is over $68 million, while currently it is $29 million.

The future of this anonymous cryptocurrency however depends on the longevity of an uptrend. For now, its market cap has surely increased in last 24 hours but for how long is still a question. The upcoming hard fork RC4 and the implementation of DarkSend+ are nothing but tools to keep investors and miners glued to this coin. But everything matters on their success in the end. Darkcoin’s history isn’t that supportive in this case. The coin’s developers have been making huge announcements lately but are falling short right ahead of reaching their goals. Their two hard forks attempts in implementing RC3 have been failed previously, which subsequently forced them to implement a soft fork instead. Fingers crossed for RC4 indeed!

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