Darkcoin Now Wearing Third Largest Market Cap, Beats Peercoin by Close Margin


Darkcoin Now Wearing Third Largest Market Cap, Beats Peercoin by Close Margin

ForexMinute.com – In just four months since its launch, the new cryptocurrency Darkcoin is spreading like a jungle-fire. After rising about 50% in recent days, Darkcoin is now posing as a threat to its competitors’ long withstanding position – the example of which can be seen in the current top cryptocurrencies list by market caps.

Because of its outstanding marketing and impeccably designed decentralized structure, Darkcoin’s market cap has seen a whopping rise, which has further led it to the prestigious third place among the top digital currencies, beating Peercoin, Ripple, Dogecoin and over 200 other coins.


Developed on the same technology as that of Bitcoin, Darkcoin also implements a P2P network topology to create a system for anonymous and decentralized monetary transactions. It turns out that the Bitcoin network allows anyone to monitor the transactions that are conducted on its publicly accessible blockchain. On the other hand, Darkcoin fills this loophole by planting an altogether different method to hide the transactions from onlookers. The coin network actually mixes up all the ongoing transactions, making it impossible for observers to know who sent money to whom.

This groundbreaking difference is said to have attracted many miners and investors to the darkness of Darkcoin, literally. Following the great attention it has received, the coin’s market cap has now crossed the $49 million mark, beating Peercoin (around $48m), Nxt (around $36m), and Dogecoin (around $33m) within a mere short period.

Although, many experts still believe this sudden surge to be yet another pump-and-dump scheme. It simply means that the makers of Darkcoin might be simply creating enough noise for their coin so that digital currency investors start trading it. And if the whole episode turns out to be yet another artificial inflation, like Auroracoin, then the negative sentiments will soon crash the entire Darkcoin market, leaving the investments for extreme losses.

Still, the community believes that such cases could have occurred by now if they had to. So, by god’s grace, this dark force is moving ahead with a steadier pace and might someday replace Litecoin if accepted on a larger scale.

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