Darkcoin Now Integrated into Online Drug Businesses


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ForexMinute.com – Online drug bazaars Nucleus Marketplace and Diabolus, recently integrated Darkcoin into their respective platforms. They became the first illegal marketplaces to embrace the anonymity-offering cryptocurrency.

Though, the two wannabes Silk Roads are functioning on a small scale. While Nucleus is still to finish testing its beta phase, Diabolus has started its operations just a few weeks back. But in the end, it is Darkcoin whose every finger is dipped in honey. The coin indeed is beginning to hold the attention of new, and probably the seasoned underground businesses as well.

The main reason why Darkcoin is becoming popular among such business houses is Darksend. This transaction obfuscating platform has been well appreciated within the Darkcoin community, but was always avoided by others for being closed source. Almost a month back, Darkcoin’s core developer Evan Duffield released the Darksend code in public. For people running underground drug shops, open code means trust. The anonymity features are something that hides customers’ transactions from onlookers. With Darkcoin offering just the same thing, there is no way any business can avoid this cryptocurrency, that too when the clouds of Bitcoin regulation is right above their heads.

With new businesses jumping inside the Darkcoin pool, it is quite obvious that the cryptocurrency will soon generate an ecosystem of its own. It is already far ahead of its competitors in terms of market cap and community strength. The coin further holds a 77% approval rating for its developers (see CoinGecko.COM).

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