Darkcoin Network to Be Forked on June 20th


Darkcoin Network to Be Forked on June 20th

ForexMinute.com – It is final! The Darkcoin developers will hardfork the coin’s network on June 20th to support their most ambitious masternode payments. The updated system, known as RC3, will overcome the issues faced in the previous hardfork RC2, and also will increase the masternode payment to 20%.

The overall aim behind this new setup is to bring Darkcoin back to its successful phase – the one we saw last month upon the introduction of RC2. Despite the fact that the phase didn’t stay for long, thanks to the failed hardfork that led caused multiple forks in Darkcoin blockchains, the expectation of investors and people from the coin were clearly visible. The coin’s value fell as dramatically as it rose afterwards – giving air to the speculation of yet another pump and dump.


But the Darkcoin team was quick enough to form a viable communication with the users and investors. They updated them with minute-to-minute details regarding their new developments to improve the coin, which overall created an optimistic trading environment.

A week back, the Darkcoin team admitted to have been almost completed the hardfork, but is testing them to ensure no error. The team also temporarily installed automatic checkpoint systems as well to ensure RC3 to be risk free. Due to too much sensitivity, the launch of the hardfork was also rescheduled to late June. But overall, it came right when the Darkcoin market was desperately looking for a jump.

Following the announcement, the DRK/USD prices are also left out to be the only ones to show stability in the falling cryptocurrency market. As opposed to its valued 24 hours back, the DRK/USD has risen 2.5% and is hoping to rise further until the launch of RC3.

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