Darkcoin Network Survives Security Breach


Darkcoin Network Survives Security Breach

ForexMinute.com – Darkcoin network recently survived a nominal hacking attempt, informed the coin’s core developer Evan Duffield on their official blog. The team however took care of the security breach by patching the masternode list syncing functionality.

“This attack was a simple exploitation of the fact that we were not checking that the signing key correctly, and it was possible to sign with an invalid key,” writes Evan. “This resulted in the attacker gaining control of the majority of the masternode list for a short period of time.”

The Darkcoin team however detected the intrusion in record time and retaliated without wasting a moment. “As soon as users update and restart their clients, the network will return to normal,” the core developer added. With no exposure of private information ensured, Darkcoin security experts really nailed this time. However, there might be a little possibility that the coins earned by the illegal masternode won’t end up in a mine. Overall, it is for the Darkcoin’s own good.

How Does the Attack Impact Darkcoin?
Probably not much, as every emerging coin in past have faced worst attacks than this one. Darkcoin also holds a certain edge over others for actually detecting the attack in its early phase. It signifies how well their security protocol is. There have been reports that the hacker might have gone away with a mere 60 DRK, but that doesn’t put even a scratch on the coin’s image. In fact, it strengthens Darkcoin in front of the other cryptocurrencies. The attacks are always expected in the cryptocurrency sector, the question is to detect and fix it on time.

All well that ends well!

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