Darkcoin Masternode Payments are Now Live


Changes Ahead

ForexMinute.com – The Darkcoin core developer EDUFFIELD announced yesterday about their masternode payments being live for testing purposes. The man requested the community to update their masternode to either 9.11.4 or 10.11.4 in order to test a new strategy which includes a new soft fork.

The developer said:

“We’ve been testing a new masternode strategy on testnet that we’re calling enforcement. This strategy will include a soft-fork that will activate immediately and is risk-free from the forking problems that we’ve experienced in the past. In the upcoming weeks we have a strategy for enforcing payments that will be released later.”


In response to the announcement, users updated their pools to test the strategy. At first, few among them complained about the troubles in compiling with the new version, but the problem was timely settled. The users were able to access the network’s direct block height, as well as hashes, indicating that the little experiment done by the Darkcoin team is on right tracks.

Meanwhile, some little problems were noted in terms of the returning of votes. Few random users complained of their masternode returning no votes. An active member from the Darkcoin team though claimed this loophole to be a part of a “soft-launch”. Speaking particularly of the geblocktemplate as complained by one of the users, the respondent said that the masternode did send last 5 blocks to the payee, but inspecting generation TX in explorer founds that “masternodes have not been paid in these last 5 blocks.”

Overall, this little drilling exercise turned out to be successful and promised an error free hardfork of the cryptocurrency the next time.

To contact the reporter of the story: Yashu Gola at yashu@forexminute.com

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